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How to Customize Your Facebook Page

Everyone who has a website of any kind these days (whether it’s a business site or a personal blog) has a Facebook page to promote their blog posts, their deals and giveaways, and their products. Facebook has stepped up their game and made it easy for page owners to add some of the most popular features on the web right to their page. If you’re following us on Facebook, then you’ll notice that we have three of our social media sites linked right to our page: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Today, we thought we’d show you guys how to not only add some of these apps to your Facebook page, but how to customize them as well!

How to Add an App to Your Facebook Page

In order to have any of these apps on your page, head over to WooBox.com. From there, click on the Get Started for Free link in the upper right hand corner. Then, it’s going to ask you to login to your Facebook account. Then, you’ll be asked to choose which Facebook page (if you have more than one) you want to add the app to. Select your page and then click save. From the WooBox Dashboard you’ll be able to choose which apps you want to install on your page and configure them.

Inside WooBox, you’ll see a dashboard that looks like this…

WooBox Dashboard

In the top navigation bar click on STATIC TABS. You should see the little Facebook “f” there beside it. When you get here, it’s going to give you the options for which apps you want to add to your page. Just click on the App that you wish to add to be carried to the configuration page where you’ll put in your username information.

How to Customize the Facebook Tab

While you’re still inside WooBox and selecting which apps you want to add, you’ll be able to configure the design of the tabs as well. Once you add the app and get it set up and loaded to pull your information, you’ll see in the left hand column TAB SETTINGS. Click on this to move to the customization area.

Each Facebook apps gets it own little boxed icon or image. They all have a default, but we like to show you how to make them pretty and not just standard, run of the mill designs. In order to do this, you’ll create an image of your liking sized at 111 x 74 pixels. For my personal Facebook page, I created three different images and uploaded them directly through WooBox. Just click on the “CHANGE”  box to upload your own image and then click save!

You’ll just repeat these steps for each of the apps that you wish to use and customize! Hit save every time and voila! You’ve now got yourself a cohesive, branded Facebook page!


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How to Customize Your Facebook Page

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  1. Thank you so much for this awesome and helpful information. I have a new blog, so I’m trying to promote it and do my branding and make it awesome. This tip really helps. Best wishes.

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