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How to edit graphics in Photoshop

Some of our newer themes like Refined and Cultivate come with a Pinterest template in a PSD layered format.  I realize not everyone has Adobe Photoshop installed on their computer. I’ve even heard that many of you do have it, but you do not know how to edit graphics in Photoshop. Uh-Oh! That’s no good! We want to help you!

These Pinterest graphics are included in the Refined Theme

In order to provide you with layered files – meaning you can turn on and off elements – a PSD file is required!  I want everyone to be able to edit these files to their heart’s content and not be completely boxed in.

So if you’ve never opened Photoshop before and you don’t have it installed on your computer… what do you do?

Installing Photoshop on your computer

Back in the day, you’d say Photoshop to people and they start seeing 4 dollar signs in their head.  Those days are over now that Adobe offers their Creative Cloud service where you can pay a small monthly fee for access to their software and all future updates. You can download photoshop now for as little as $10 a month which is incredible considering what I paid for it a long time ago!  You can also download a free trial version for 30 days to get familiar with the program or create some of your initial graphics.

Do I really need to spend the $10 a month moving forward?

I will say that if you can get somewhat familiar with Photoshop the $10 a month is so worth it to be able to create your own graphics for all your blog posts! Professional quality graphics and images are important to any website, so being able to use these professionally designed Pinterest templates will get you off on the right foot when starting your business!

Working with Photoshop

Because I’m such a visual person and it’s a little easier to simply show you how to do this, I did a full video tutorial to show you EXACTLY what you need to know in order to edit your graphics in Photoshop and manipulate the provided Pinterest PSD files in some of our themes.

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  1. I am working from an iPad Pro. How can I use the Pinterest template since photoshop is apparently not available for the iPad yet. Will it work on Photoshop express?

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I’m not sure as I’ve never worked with Photoshop Express. If the program allows for “layers” (like Photoshop) then you should be able to use it.
      Hope this helps!

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