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How to Create A Quiz for your Website

Are you struggling to grow your email list? You know it’s important to have an email list but the freebies you are creating might not be getting the sign-ups you expected. If that sounds like you, we have a great tip! Try creating a fun and interactive quiz.

Why Create A Quiz?

  • Contrary to our beliefs as kids, quizzes are actually really fun. They are interactive and have the ability to give us a diagnostic answer at the end of the quiz. Admit it, you know you’ve taken a quiz to figure out what Disney princess you are, haven’t you?
  • Quizzes prompt social sharing.  At the end of a quiz when your results are shown the quiz encourages you to  “Share me now!”   The more the quiz is shared on social media the more exposure, traffic, and conversion you will have to your website or product!
  • Google loves to see that people are interacting with your website and sharing your content. Quizzes promote interaction and social sharing! Google will reward your site for this activity.
  • Quizzes capture leads and potential customers.  When someone comes to your site and takes your quiz they are asked to enter their email address in order to get the results. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have to know if I’m a Pocahontas or a Belle. I’m entering in my email to get my results for sure!

What Can I Use A Quiz For?

  • Quiz results can help guide readers to the content that is most valuable to them on your site.
  • A quiz can help put your readers and customers into buckets. When using email marketing it’s very helpful to segment your readers/customers into buckets based on different factors. A bucket may be the number of years they have been in business or the level of experience they have in a subject. The buckets you use will depend on your business and how you want to segment or organize your quiz takers.
  • A quiz can help a customer determine what the best product is for them. Emily Ley uses this technique to help you choose the best planner based on your needs and style. We are using a quiz to help our customers find the best Genesis Child Theme for their website.

How to Create A Quiz for your Website

I know what you’re thinking. “How the heck do I create a quiz for my site? That seems super complicated.” I’ve got great news, it’s actually not hard at all thanks to an awesome tool we are using. Interact Quiz Software makes it so easy to create quizzes that work seamlessly with our themes. Watch the video below to see exactly how we built our quiz and how easy it is!

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