1. You are so welcome, Susan!

  1. jillynnfisher3 says:

    Thank you for this!!!! I am honestly terrified of doing this:-/ It sounds so technical and I am so not good at that stuff:-) I am really thinking about the private Facebook group!!! I LOVE the community idea!

    1. Thanks, Jillynn! Growing your email list and connecting with others can be intimidating at first because often times you feel like you are bugging them. Once you start truly connecting it gets so much easier!

  2. I understand the value of a freebie library, but am not sure how to create one. What tools did you use?

    1. You can create a freebie library by using a password protected page right on your site. You can directly add pdf’s to your media library and link to them within the page. Let us know if you need more help!

      1. This is of interest to me as well. How does the password protection work – I can see the checkbox for it in WP but is there only one password allowed or does each customer have an unique one associated with their account in order to access it? I’m thinking that an easy password known to a few moms could easily be given out to their friends who are not subscribers and thus, defeat the purpose of having a freebie library to subscribers only. I like the idea but am unsure about how to make the password beneficial??

        1. Lani Padilla says:

          Hi Joy,
          There’s only one password for the page. This is a fairly standard practice among bloggers that have a resource page or are storing the freebie on the site.
          Another option is to add the freebie to Dropbox or Google Drive and then share the link in the thank you email.
          Hope this helps!

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