1. Question. I have a Mac and use Canva. To resize, I’ve been going to Tools > adjust size, changing the resolution to 72 and width to 600 or 800. Does the Smart Pixel plug in remove meta data and change the dpi to 100 for you, or should that be done separately. How is this achieved? Thank you for your help!

    1. Lani Padilla says:

      Hi Katelynn,
      I’m not sure. You might reach out to the support team at Smart Pixel on this. They will be able to verify how their plugin optimizes the images.

  2. Thanks for telling optimum width and that removing the meta data from images to reduce the size.
    Can we… remove meta data via Photoshop?
    Please, let me know.


    1. Lani Padilla says:

      Yes … you should be able to do this in Photoshop. You can search Adobe’s tutorials to find the best way to do this.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the useful post.
    I was wondering if you should delete all meta data?
    Doest google not use the meta data to rank?
    What about images that U are only going to use for thumbnails, do U have to make them 1700-2000px as well?
    Also, I installed the shortpixel plugin and it says I have 2500 thumbnails, yet I haven’t even published my website because I want to have 5 posts first.
    How do I have 2500 thumbnails then?

    1. Lani Padilla says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Google does need the meta data to crawl, so you don’t want to delete any of that.
      WordPress automatically creates I believe three thumbnail sizes of each image. Then your theme might also add additional sizes. There are also several plugins that might add additional sizes.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Lani,

    I hired someone to help speed up my WordPress site and he told me to only set the image to the exact size my site needs.

    However, your recommendation to future-proof by sizing between 1800-2000 px makes sense to me.

    This would make my pages a lot bigger and require longer loading—is it worth doing?

    1. Lani Padilla says:

      Hi Chrissy,
      We make this recommendation because our themes use a variety of featured image sizes. Having the larger original image size allows for all featured image dimensions to be generated.
      You’ll still want to make sure that your images are optimized and compressed so that the actual file size is minimal.
      Hope this helps!

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