1. Great post. Thank you. Sadly, I was recently hacked. With Gator and thought they were providing security. They say it was cancelled, but it was still part of my bill (no credit). I found a good company to clean and provide security, but know I need to migrate. Thus perfect timing for your post.


    1. Oh yuck! It is never ever fun to be hacked into! So grateful you found a company who was able to help you get it all cleaned up.

  2. Should I delete Widget Importer & Exporter and WordPress Importer after I completed my web site?

  3. My site was recently hacked as well. 🙁 My site was still live and working but embedded with viagara links by some black hat SEO type of malware! I am definitely more cautious now and think your article does a great job summarizing the main things everyone can do to minimize their chance of getting hacked.

    Regarding the spam comments…I currently use the Akismet plugin to filter out spam comments. Akismet puts them in a junk folder and I’ve never thought more about it. Should I be emptying this folder regularly? I guess I assumed they were doing enough to get rid of the comments but didn’t think of them from a malware perspective. Is there more I need to be doing in your opinion?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Amy,

      Ugh! I’m so sorry you were hacked.. that is never any fun at all!

      Regarding the comments, Akismet will filter all the comments and put them in the spam folder. However they do remain in that spam folder until you go physically delete them. Maybe put a reminder on your calendar for once or twice a month to go and hit the empty spam button.

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    great article, I made the setup for the Backup on Google Drive and the link with the explanation was very clear and the UpdraftPlus plugin works fine. Today right now I1m not online, but already have my backup! 😉
    Thanks for taking care of us!!!!!

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