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How to customize Post Info and Meta information with Genesis

You know those little details about your posts that are important for your readers to navigate across your site? Such as your post date, categories, tags, author, and so forth?  I know these things are important and with each theme I develop I try to be sure these important elements are there and styling beautifully, but sometimes you want to edit them!

In Genesis 3.1, a new feature was added to the Customizer that allows you to edit your Entry Meta information that appears above and below your content. But, if this has been customized in your theme files, those files will win and override anything you put in these boxes! So I’m about to show you how to edit this!

Editing in the Customizer

In order to edit your Entry Meta content, you can navigate to Genesis > Theme Settings > Singular content. You’ll see the following:

Inside the Entry Meta (above content) and Entry Meta (below content) spaces, you can put your own shortcodes to display the content you’d like for your readers to navigate your posts.

For a full list of available shortcodes provided by Genesis, you can go here.

My changes aren’t displaying

If you’ve made the edits in the first step, but you’re not seeing the change on your site, this is simply because I’ve customized these elements inside of your theme files. We will need to find that code and delete it before our changes in the Customizer will appear.

Before making this change, you’ll want to make CERTAIN you have a backup of your site. We will be editing a php file which, if messed up, could cause issues with your site.

You’ll navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor and select the functions.php file from the list of files on the right.

You’ll be looking for code that looks like this:

The code may look a little different for you depending on the theme you’re using, but the title on these sections will look the same. You’ll find this section and delete it entirely from your functions.php file.

Be sure that you’re only removing these sections and nothing else!

Can I reposition these elements?

You most certainly can! Here are a few code snippets you can use in your functions.php file to reposition these elements.

A few notes on using these:

  • Don’t use this entire file. Use only the section of code you need to reposition an element.
  • Post Info, by default, will appear below the post title.
  • Post Meta, by default, will appear below your post content and above your comments.
  • Before adding any of these codes, verify you don’t have anything like this already in your functions.php file.

If you’re trying to reposition this into a place you don’t see above, comment below and I’ll see how I can help!

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  1. Hi Lauren, I’m trying to customise this information in the Divine theme, but I can’t seem to find those specific sections in my functions file to delete them (
    //* Customize the Post Info Function and //* Customize the Post Meta function
    ) Can you please tell me if those sections might be titled as something else in that theme?

    I really just want the publish date and last modified date to show at the top of my posts.


    1. Hi Natalie,
      Can you go ahead and submit a support ticket and I can help you with this?

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