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How to migrate from Atomic Blocks to Genesis Blocks

Atomic Blocks is officially becoming Genesis Blocks, so we have to go through a process to get it all migrated over to the new plugin and I’m here to walk you through that!

If you have customizations to your theme you’ll want to jump this.

Step 1: Update your theme

The first part of this process, is to install the updated version of your theme. If you have Glamour, Thyme, Splendor, or Beloved, your theme has been updated in your account. You’ll need to login to your account and download a fresh new copy of your theme files.

  1. Next, navigate to your dashboard and go to Appearance> Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.
  2. Choose the browse button and find the zip file on your computer to upload.
  3. Install the theme just like you did when you first installed it.
  4. Next, you’ll see a screen that will ask if you want to replace the file. You’ll click to “Replace current with uploaded”.
  5. At this point, there is no need to activate it since it’s already activated.

Watch me go through this process below:

Please note: If you end up landing on the page to Install the pack for your theme, there is no need to do this! This will reinstall all your pages and duplicate content if you’ve already done this.

Step 2: Use the Migration Tool

If you’ve updated to the newest version of Atomic Blocks, you’ll see this notice at the top of your dashboard.

If you don’t see this, check your updates and make sure you’ve updated the Atomic Blocks plugin to 2.9.

Click the blue Migrate button, then click the Install and Activate Genesis Blocks button.

Now it’s going to take you through a 3 step process…

Step 1 is to make certain you have a backup of your site! Please please please do this before doing this process! Not sure how to backup? See this.

Once you have a backup, click that checkmark and go to the Next Step.

If you did step 1, where you updated your theme, then this step is already done! You can hit that checkmark and go to the next step!

Now you’re ready to hit that Migrate Button!

Once the process completes, your Atomic Blocks plugin will be deactivated and all your blocks throughout your site have now been migrated over to Genesis Blocks! You can now go into your plugins and delete the Atomic Blocks plugin!

Step 3: Regenerate Thumbnails

If you’re noticing any image size issues, you’ll want to install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to fix those images!

If you’ve gone through this process and are still having issues, feel free to submit a ticket.

If you have customizations

If you have customizations to your theme but you had a designer do them for you, you’ll want to ask that designer for help with this update!

If your’e a designer who needs to update your clients sites but don’t want to replace the entire theme, you’ll want to follow these steps.

  1. Download an updated version of the theme files from your account.
  2. Replace the following files in your theme with the ones from the updated version:
    1. lib > gutenberg > front-end.css
    2. lib > gutenberg > style-editor.css
    3. lib > gutenberg > inline-styles.php

If you have customizations, your designer isn’t available, and don’t know how to do this yourself, we are available to complete this update for you with this service.

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