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The Essential Checklist to Starting your Business

We have the honor and privilege of getting to help tens of thousands of people start businesses for the first time.  Most of them are just stepping into entrepreneurship for the very first time, and the process of getting everything set up can be quite daunting.  Since we’ve gone through this process ourselves, we know how overwhelming that feels!

For the past several months we’ve been putting together a complete “Starting your Business Checklist” that covers absolutely everything we can possibly think of that needs to be done with starting your business!  We’ve covered things from Starting your Website, to Establishing your Business Entity, to Staying Organized in your business. We sure hope this simple checklist will help you get all the things accomplished that need to be set up when first getting started so that you can get to the fun part of why you started your business in the first place.

In order to download this checklist, you can simply enter your email below and you’ll get an email immediately with the file!

This checklist is quite detailed and if you are just starting out may need a little help getting to the tutorials we have on our site. Here’s a list of links that you’ll find helpful broken down by the sections from the checklist.

Setting up your website

Third Party Integration’s

Add a shop to your site

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