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5 reasons I made the switch from Mailchimp to ConvertKit

A couple months ago we made the switch over from MailChimp to Convert Kit and after a few months of using it, I wanted to write up a blog post to share why we switched and why I’m loving Convert Kit so much!  Be sure to stay until the end for a freebie!

Multiple Subscribers

The number one reason I made the switch is that with Mailchimp in order to send a newsletter out, you must choose between one list or another.  So in order to differentiate between the people you’re wanting to target and send a newsletter to, you must choose which list to send to.  In my situation I had a newsletter list for my general subscribers, and I also had a list for everyone who has actually made a purchase through my site.  The problem with that is I have a lot of people who are on both lists, therefore they count for 2 subscribers.

Considering Mailchimp charges monthly depending on the number of subscribers you have, I found myself paying more than I needed because I had subscribers who were duplicated across my lists. In Convert Kit, a subscriber only has to be subscribed once and can be added under any tag, form, or sequence you’d like without being duplicated.


In Mailchimp I had an auto response set up for subscribers to gain access to our freebies area once they subscribed.  More often than not, this email was never received by the person subscribing.  This resulted in a lot of additional emails and my time spent responding to those emails.  Needless to say, I needed a solution that was a bit more reliable.

In Convert Kit, you can not only set up an Autoreponse, but you can set up an entire Automation Sequence however you want.  For instance, say I want to send an email to someone the moment they purchase a product and then send an email a few days later to check in.  I can easily set that up in Convert Kit and even target that Sequence directly to someone who just purchased the Market theme.  This simply wasn’t possible with Mailchimp, and this feature alone has completely changed the way business is run and has decreased the emails we receive on a daily basis, which is a huge win for us!


In Mailchimp, you can see statistics based on the Campaign you send and that’s pretty well it.  I wanted to be able to see more statistics to determine what was and was not working within my newsletters so I knew how to improve and who to target.

In Convert Kit, oh the statistics are amazing!  I can see statistics on my Broadcasts (Mailchimp calls these Campaigns), Sequences, and each individual form.  This feature truly helps us to know what offers are working and what aren’t so we can determine how to tweak things in our marketing efforts.

Target Specific Subscribers

Like I mentioned above I can set up a Sequence to target a specific person who perhaps just purchased a specific theme.  I can also place links within my broadcast and set up automatic triggers based on who actually clicked that link.  This feature is oh so handy so we can direct our newsletters that go out to the people who actually want to receive that information versus junking up someone’s inbox with information they have no interest in.  And let’s face it, we all receive way too much email and I most certainly don’t want to be contributing to that if it’s not necessary.

Another example of this is, say I want to send out a newsletter to just the people who have purchased the Market theme because an update has been issued on that theme.  I don’t necessarily want that email to go to my entire list of over 14,000 people because not all those people have purchased that theme.  I can use the WooCommerce integration which I’ll talk more about in a moment and when someone purchases the Market theme it automatically tags them with that information and I can send those specific people a message at any time!  Total game changer for us y’all!


Mailchimp does integrate a lot with other services and software so this isn’t really a reason I switched, but the integrations like I mentioned above with WooCommerce and Convert Kit allow me to use all the other features that Convert Kits offers that we’ve just discussed.  I currently have Convert Kit integrated with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Leadpages, and a few others.  This feature allows everything to communicate together nicely and allows me to focus on the other work that needs to get done!

In Conclusion

If you are just starting out, Mailchimp is a fabulous option for you!  I don’t want to bash Mailchimp in any way whatsoever because I do think they have an amazing service and their software is incredibly easy to use for the beginner.  In my own personal situation, I simply outgrew them and needed something a bit more robust.  If you find yourself in those shoes, it might be worth checking out Convert Kit to see how it can help your marketing work better for you!


Newsletter Header Canva Templates & Convert Kit HTML Broadcast Template

One thing about Convert Kit that drove this designer a little crazy is that they don’t have any templates that are very pretty for your newsletters.  There is, in fact, a reason for this as they want your emails to be as simple as possible so they don’t land in the spam or junk folder of the receiver.  However, I had to create something that had a little design to it at least! 

You can purchase the Newsletter Header Canva Templates & Convert Kit HTML Broadcast Template right here!

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  1. So happy I switched to ConvertKit as well. Can’t wait to see the template you are sending…seems to be delayed a bit…I’m quite certain many people will find it useful!

  2. Actually Mailchimp DOES allow you to do most of what you mention., For example you really should have ONE list in Mailchimp and then organize the contacts in segments or groups by how they were collected or tagged in a group. Then there are no duplicates. One email address can be in several different groups and then when an email is sent you select the segment you want. Mailchimp also has an Automation feature but that is an extra charge if on the free plan. The thing is that Mailchimp doesn’t make all of this very easy to understand or to set up but it is possible. What is curious to me is why many people have written or mentioned that Mailchimp emails are not getting through or are landing in spam. That is a problem for sure. Not sure why that happens. Many people lately seem to be moving to Convertkit and I am looking into it for a few of my clients who are often surprised to find out that Mailchimp can do what they want. I think Mailchimp is going to be losing a lot of their customers if they dont make their features clearer and easier to use.

  3. I love Convert Kit, Mailchimp was complex, I even hired a consultant who walked me thought but then I realized Mail chimp sucked for content upgrades within blog posts, thanks for free template but I am not seeing a link here to sign up and I so need it because that is what is lacking in Convert kit, thank you

    1. Feuza, just got that form fixed so you’re able to get access to that template now. Sorry about that!

  4. What are your favorite resources to help learn how to create different templates? I’m looking to make mine prettier and am (obviously) a novice with coding. Thanks!!


    1. Hi Meghan, SarahEggers.com has a course and free training for learning HTML and CSS for ConvertKit Forms you may want to reach out to her to see when her next training is.

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