1. So happy I switched to ConvertKit as well. Can’t wait to see the template you are sending…seems to be delayed a bit…I’m quite certain many people will find it useful!

  2. Actually Mailchimp DOES allow you to do most of what you mention., For example you really should have ONE list in Mailchimp and then organize the contacts in segments or groups by how they were collected or tagged in a group. Then there are no duplicates. One email address can be in several different groups and then when an email is sent you select the segment you want. Mailchimp also has an Automation feature but that is an extra charge if on the free plan. The thing is that Mailchimp doesn’t make all of this very easy to understand or to set up but it is possible. What is curious to me is why many people have written or mentioned that Mailchimp emails are not getting through or are landing in spam. That is a problem for sure. Not sure why that happens. Many people lately seem to be moving to Convertkit and I am looking into it for a few of my clients who are often surprised to find out that Mailchimp can do what they want. I think Mailchimp is going to be losing a lot of their customers if they dont make their features clearer and easier to use.

  3. I love Convert Kit, Mailchimp was complex, I even hired a consultant who walked me thought but then I realized Mail chimp sucked for content upgrades within blog posts, thanks for free template but I am not seeing a link here to sign up and I so need it because that is what is lacking in Convert kit, thank you

    1. Lauren Dierschke says:

      Feuza, just got that form fixed so you’re able to get access to that template now. Sorry about that!

      1. Thanks for updating it! I just switched to Convertkit and totally needed the template and Feuza shared it with a bunch of her peeps that led us here!

        1. Lauren Dierschke says:

          Aww yay!! Thank you Feuza for sharing it with others!

  4. What are your favorite resources to help learn how to create different templates? I’m looking to make mine prettier and am (obviously) a novice with coding. Thanks!!


    1. Hi Meghan, SarahEggers.com has a course and free training for learning HTML and CSS for ConvertKit Forms you may want to reach out to her to see when her next training is.

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