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9 Great Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Online Business Owners

The blogging world has changed a lot in the last few years! Restored 316’s customers are doing a lot more than “just” blogging with their WordPress sites these days. 

We thought it was time to share a well-rounded selection of some of our favorite Facebook groups related to blogging and other forms of online business. 

Check out 9 of our current favorites!

Digital Product Insiders – Empowered Business Podcast with Monica Froese

This group is specifically for her podcast but she has other groups that are private. It’s a good one because her podcast is amazing. (I am blown away by each and every episode). 

Like many of our customers, Monica started out as a blogger (Redefining Mom) but came to the realization that a blogger can’t make money without something to sell.

Soon after that aha moment, she pivoted to start helping others earn an income selling digital products. She teaches her students how to choose a product, create it, and sell it. 

Her mission? To help 1,000 women make $100,000 by selling their expertise using digital products within a year. (Not too shabby, right?)

The Copy and Content Conversation with Brenna McGown

“Let’s talk about how to get more comments, clicks, and CASH in 2021!”

Brenna is a copy and content expert who hosts live “conversations” via Zoom with experts in all areas of online business. (You can also binge-watch replays). They are always interesting, so be ready with your notepad.

Along with the live events, she offers great conversation starters where group members help each other out, share resources, etc. It’s brainstorming at its best.

AND Brenna is known for her emails. The email messages she sends get opened, read, and SAVED. She shares tips on how to do that as well. (Want access to her freebie? Click here to access “The Segue Guide”. (A must for anyone who wants to write better emails!)

The Commerce Collab with Reese Spykerman

A free group with Reese? Yes, please. Reese is an expert in all things e-commerce related, but… she is also a fantastic copywriter. (So good). 

Her headline reads, “Strategies to scale your e-commerce store”. If you’re a service-related business, you may think, “then this group isn’t for me, I’m not in e-commerce”. But trust me, this is for you (too). Reese has a way of strategically wording things that grabs attention. 

She can help you turn your emails, Instagram posts, product or services descriptions into something magical. 

In my opinion, joining her group, watching the Zoom conversations she shares, and taking part in any of her live events/challenges is something every smart online business person should do. 

Quiz Creators – An Email List Building Community with Linda Sidhu

Speaking of email, whereas Brenna and Reese are all about the words, Linda Sidhu is all about getting people into your email list! 

More and more online business owners are using personality quizzes as lead magnets to get people to join their email lists because it works! (People love discovering things about themselves). And Linda is the Quiz Queen!

Linda’s group is all about helping its members grow their email lists with quizzes, but she also includes a lot of helpful Q and A posts, other helpful online business-related content, and live sessions.

If you want to know more about how a quiz works, you can check out the “just for fun” 4th of July quiz Linda created for the group by clicking here

Making Sense of Cents Community with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

When first discovering the group, I thought it was a group to learn more about side hustles, but it’s so much more. Their tagline reads: “Earn more. Save more. Live more.” 

Michelle started her blog by the same name in 2011 and quickly paid off $38,000 in student loan debt. She’s been featured in or been a guest on 100s of websites and podcasts, and her award-winning blog has informative posts on everything from starting a blog to retirement to side hustle ideas.

The Facebook group allows Michelle to share additional information and links to her free offers, but moreover, the interaction between its 17,000 members is fantastic. 

There is always something new to learn about finance and earning income. As an online business owner, joining the Making Sense of Cents Facebook group is a great place to start.

Virtual Assistant Savvies with Abbie Ashley

As more people have gone the route of turning their blog into an income-earning business, some have considered becoming a “virtual assistant”. Abbie Ashley wasn’t a blogger, but she had a lot of related skills, and the virtual assistance world intrigued her. Ashely, however, took it to a whole other level.

Ashley joined the VA world for financial survival. But it wasn’t long before she became busy – very busy. She started hiring friends to help her and people started asking her how to do what she was doing. She now offers courses but also shares a lot of free content in an outstanding Facebook group.

The Virtual Assistant Savvies is a Facebook group with over 71,000 members. In the group, there’s a constant flow of posts by members looking for help and opinions as well, but they also share their wins.

With weekly live events hosted by Abbie, this group is the place to be if you’re considering becoming a VA. Its leader knows what she’s talking about and it’s free. (Win, win!)

Membership and Subscription Site Community with Stu McLaren

Our list wouldn’t be complete without including something on the subject of memberships and subscriptions. And in our book, there’s only one name for that – Stu McLaren.

Stu’s hugely popular Tribe program has changed the way online business owners sell their products and their services. By offering monthly subscriptions (think Netflix, Xbox Live, and the like), business owners are able to reach and serve their customers in new ways and moreover, they are able to create reliable monthly income opportunities for themselves!

Stu hosts an annual (and fabulous) week-long event that introduces his paid program, Tribe, and hosts a wildly popular podcast, but you can join his Facebook group for free.

Calling the Facebook group “active” is an understatement. Members share wins and ideas and they cheer for each other on a daily basis. It’s a supportive and engaging group and one you must check out if you want to learn more about memberships and subscriptions.

Blogging on WordPress with Grayson Bell of iMark Interactive

When it comes to WordPress support, there is no one better than Grayson Bell from iMark Interactive.

Grayson is incredibly knowledgeable about all things WordPress (among other things), and many of our Restored 316 customers know him on a first-name basis. 

iMark Interactive offers informative courses including, “Understanding WordPress – How to Navigate Self-Hosted WordPress” which is completely free. (There aren’t many of those out there.) as well as helpful services including website audits, theme changes, quick fixes, and more.

Paying customers can join his Facebook group where he answers questions about WordPress glitches, updates, and challenges. In our book, he’s the go-to guy for WordPress and in fact, is frequently seen helping out in our Facebook group as well!

Restored 316 Community with Lauren Gaige

What would a Facebook group post be without mentioning our own?

The Restored 316 Community was created for our customers and future customers as well to offer support for our WordPress themes.

Our members ask questions, share opinions, and support other members with their theme questions.

Lauren Gaige, (Owner and Designer), and Lani Padilla, (Community Director and WordPress expert) visit the group often and answer questions (and share new themes!) but with over 4,000 members, there seems to always be “someone” ready to help another. It’s a wonderful group.

If you’re not a member of our group, please join us. We’d love to see you there.

We’ll see you on Facebook!

As online businesses evolve and change, it’s nice to have informative resources at your disposal. With that in mind, we hope you’ve found this list helpful. 

We’ll see you on Facebook!

Kim Funk is a blogging strategist based in sunny California. She loves brainstorming, coaching new bloggers, and creating content for business owners who are busy or don’t like to write. She enjoys weekends spent with family, friends, and Ranger the dog, (and occasionally enjoys a nice glass of chardonnay). You can find her here.

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