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Introducing Simply Charming Pro


Our very popular Simply Charming theme was originally released back in July of 2014, and it’s one of our last themes that really needed to undergo an update to get up to date with the latest coding standards and add in options, like Shop styling, that all our other themes have.  I’m so happy to announce that Simply Charming has undergone a pretty major update and is now called Simply Charming Pro.

This theme has been completely recoded from the top down, so there are so many new features that are added!  Almost too many to name, but I’ll do my best below to explain the biggest things that are new.

New Home Page widgets spaces added

The home page of Simply Charming Pro now has 5 spaces, that are also flexible, instead of 3. This was consistently requested, so we’ve added these spaces for you.  You can choose to use all the spaces or just the ones you need.

Category Index Added

With this update to Simply Charming, all of our themes now offer the Category Index feature.


Styling Added for WooCommerce

Again, with this update, all of our themes now offer styling for the WooCommerce plugin.


Sticky Navigation Menu

This has been the most requested addition to Simply Charming, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally here!

New & Improved Design

Fonts have been updated, other design elements, and many many more things have been updated.

Like I mentioned above, Simply Charming Pro was completely recoded from the top down so in order to update this theme, it will be like installing a fresh new theme on your site as far as the setup process!  All the documentation has been updated for you if you’re ready to make the switch.

This update is a free update to those of you who have already purchased the Simply Charming theme.  The update is ready for you in your account area.

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  1. Hi again Lauren! Gosh I feel like I have so many questions, you’ve been an amazing help and I love your blog guides! I don’t know what I would do without them!

    Is there a way on this theme to move the widget boxes on the featured images so that they aren’t centered?

    1. Hi Tarah,
      I’m not quite sure which images you are referring to. How are you wanting it to look?

      1. In the home page there are the full width featured images with the see through text widget boxes, there are 3 of them on the home page.

        Is there any way to move the text boxes more to the right or left instead of centered?

        I hope that makes sense!

        Thanks 🙂

          1. Lauren, I am also having issues with my category boxes, they are all aligned to the right stacked on top of one another instead of centered in a grid formation.

            Do you know how to fix this? I have looked in the style css. and that widget area is centered, so I am not sure whats wrong?

            Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

          2. Hi Tarah,

            I’m happy to help and take a closer look. Since your site is under Maintenance Mode can you submit a ticket with your credentials and we will look at this closer for you!

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