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Introducing Delightful Pro- an ecommerce genesis theme


I’m so happy to announce that one of my most popular themes has had a major facelift!

This new design is much cleaner and has LOTS of new features that the old Delightful theme didn’t have!  Here is a breakdown of almost everything that was done:

  • It’s been recoded completely from top to bottom.  Everything is all up to date with the latest coding standards.
  • It’s a much cleaner and simpler design while maintaining the colorful aesthetic of the original Delightful theme.
  • No more image shadows!  All your featured images now have a nice clean solid border.
  • Bigger images for all your featured images!
  • Added WooCommerce styling so you can easily integrate a store right into your site!
  • Mobile Responsive navigation menus that keep your site minimal on mobile devices
  • Styling for the Simply Instagram plugin to showcase your latest Instagram feed
  • Styling for the Jetpack sharing icons
  • Added single post navigation so readers can easily get from one post to the next
  • Added footer widgets for more organized space
  • Added a widget area above the header for additional ad space
  • Updated color schemes!  Plus the option to add  your OWN color scheme!
  • Added a Category Index for extra post organization!

And many many more things that I’m sure I’ve failed to mention!  You can check out the demo to see it in action!

Here are some screenshots of some of my most favorite additions:

Category Index


The gorgeous details of the home page formatting


WooCommerce Styling


Since this theme has had such a major overhaul and is now a Pro version, it will need to be repurchased under the Delightful Pro product listing. 

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  1. You updated it just in time – I was trying to decide between two themes from two different designers, and this one just won out because all of the updates are things I was trying to figure out how to get around being missing in the other theme. Thanks! ♥ I’m excited to see it in action on my blogs!

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