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Updates, updates, and more updates!



Theme updates

I’ve been hard at work adding some fun updates to some of our themes!  Sometimes plugins have updates and it makes things go a little wonky and I have to get in there and fix it up to be pretty again.  I always like to take those times to add other fun things to themes that didn’t get added the first time around.

In the last month or so we’ve updated Darling, Divine, Bloom, Flourish, and Adorn!  Yes.. lots of themes there! You’ll want to be sure you take a peek at the changelog to see all the available updates if you own any of these themes!

If you haven’t made too many customizations to the code of the theme you have, you can simply login to your account and download a fresh new copy.  You’ll just temporarily activate another theme, delete the one you had, and install the new one and activate it.  Once you turn it back on, your widgets may all get kicked out into your Inactive widget section, so just open that up and drag them all back into place and you’re all set!

If you’re unsure how to update your themes without loosing your customizations, Courtney just wrote a fabulous tutorial on how to do that! If you have any trouble at all with these updates, don’t hesitate to let us know!

New Service available

livewptrainingWe’ve just added a new service to the site being offered by our very own Stephanie Hellwig, from our support desk, to do LIVE WordPress training! If you have an hour and need some help learning the ropes of WordPress, Stephanie has a lot of experience and can answer all those burning questions for you! If you’re interested in this service, take a peek to get on the calendar!

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Updates, Updates and More Updates

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