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Take a tour of my office

I shared the story about how this business began here, but I haven’t shared about my office situation since the beginning until now.  When I started this business over 7 years ago, I started on an ancient PC (yuck! – no hard feelings for you PC lovers) computer at my dining room table. Once I knew this business was going to be a serious part of my life, I moved into a little armoire (that is now my son’s toy box) that was in a small corner of our living room.  At the time, we were living in a one bedroom apartment with our little girl just trying to make ends meet and doing whatever it took to keep the roof over our heads.

Once business began to pick up, we moved into a little larger of an apartment that had a study that we used as our daughter’s bedroom and my office.  Her bed was on one side of the room and my armoire was on the other.  Here is where I finally upgraded my computer to a Mac and learned that “Once you go Mac you’ll never go back!”.  Can I get an Amen?!

restored316-office-1A few years later, we upgraded yet again to a full 2 bedroom apartment where I once again shared my office with my daughter’s bedroom.  Here I finally upgraded my office to include a desk (hooray!) and some other office storage but it wasn’t done with any design style in mind.  It was done to simply provide the space I needed to run a business. We also welcomed our son 2.5 years ago in this apartment but once he reached about a year old, we realized we were absolutely busting at the seams.

restored316-office-2Fast forward to a year and a half ago, when we finally bought a house!  We technically could have bought a house much sooner but we purposely chose to keep our expenses as low as possible, reinvest in business, and grow grow grow… smartest move ever! Our new house has a dedicated office (another hooray!) that I was finally able to decorate the way I wanted and not have my daughter having a karaoke party while I’m trying to code a site! I’ve shared some pics on social media of my office and have had quite a few of you ask to see my office… so without further ado, here is my work space!
office tour


Take a Tour of My Office


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  1. It’s SO beautiful!!!!

    I’ve had my office alone, then bunked with my daughter too. Realized my work was being done while she slept, so we moved it out to our living room. Then a move came – back in my bedroom. Another move – out to an uninsulated converted patio. And another move that had it back in my bedroom. But my desk is my domain eventhough now, it’s decorated with photos & handprints my daughter does at preschool 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! Of course! Yes!!! Once a mac always a mac girl 😉

    I remember when I purchased my first Restored316 theme I was SO impressed to receive a thank you card via old fashioned snail mail.

    It’s the little details that make everything about Restored316 so amazing!

    Love your office space and thanks for sharing.

  3. Love it Lauren! I will be re-doing my office in October and I can’t wait to use shades of my favorite pink, gold, and some black & white!!! Is your bookcase shelves Ikea? Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much! I’m definitely a less is more type of person and like to keep things minimal and pretty!

  4. Congratulations on the beautiful office! I love the way you have designed it. Everything looks perfect and in place. I am not surprised that your office is so stylish, given how creative you are with designing your themes.
    Kudo’s on your success in the business. You are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey on your wonderful blog.

  5. Hi 🙂

    I love your office. Thanks for sharing it with us. I dream of the day when we can have our own place and decorate as we like 🙂

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