Welcome to the Style Anything Affiliate Program

Share the love and earn 25% of each sale!

Affiliate FAQ’s

How does this work?

I’ve invited you to become an affiliate and have given you special affiliate privileges in my Teachable school!  You’ll earn 25% per sale that you refer to use!

How do I refer people and get credit for the sale?

Log into my Teachable school, then head over to your Affiliate dashboard by clicking Admin at the top. Paste https://courses.restored316.com into the generator, and Teachable will generate a unique affiliate link for you. You can now use that link within your blog posts, or on social media when sharing about the course.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, Teachable will give you credit for referring that person to me and if they buy you earn 25% of the sale!

How do I access my affiliate area?

Log into my Teachable school, and you should see the word Admin in your navigation bar at the top. This is where you’ll find all the good stuff like your commission rate, affiliate link generator, data on any sales, additional FAQs, etc.

How do I get paid?

I will be issuing payouts directly through Paypal using the email address from your Teachable account.  You will earn a 25% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.  Payments issued will depend on the payment plan option chosen by the customer. If your referrals chose the one time payment, you’ll be paid in one lump sum within one month of the sale.  If your referral chooses the payment plan, you’ll be paid once the buyers pays the remainder of their balance.

Are there rules for sharing?

There are! You are required by law to disclose when you use an affiliate link. You’ll just want to add a note somewhere in your blog or social media posts stating that you’re an affiliate of the course. You could also simply use a hashtag like #ad or #affiliate in your posts on social media to keep it simple.

Do you have graphics and copy I can use?

Absolutely!  Those are linked below with ample options for graphics to use in blog posts, ad space, and social media! You are also free to use any copy directly from our Sales page here.


Download Available Graphics

Swipe Copy

Feel free to use any copy directly from our Sales page here.