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Some doors have to close, so new ones can open…

After a few months of working to raise a new baby here within the Restored 316 community, we’ve started to see that sometimes you have to let some doors close in order for new ones to open.

Today, we are officially closing the doors to Pink & Press.

While Pink & Press was a huge success among fellow developers and a viable resource for those looking to get started in the blogging community, our heart and mission here at Restored 316 is for the “babies” of the blogging world. Whether you’re starting to blog for the first time ever or looking to finally open that business that you have been dreaming of, we want Restored 316 to be a place of inspiration, ideas, and assistance.

That said, in order to continue to provide you with top notch customer service, out-of-this world tutorials and plenty of resources and services to get your site up and going, we’re having to let go of some things in order to bring you better things.

Stay tuned! Things around here are just getting started!

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