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Having started/stopped blogging over the years, I know and appreciate how critical the design of your blog is to your success.  If you are not inspired by your online home, if it doesn’t reflect you, if it doesn’t make you happy – it’s nearly impossible to stick with it.  A designer can be your saving grace in this department or your worst nightmare (as I know from experience).

I literally could not be more thrilled with my experience with Lauren at Restored 316 Designs.  Lauren was everything I could’ve asked for and more.  She was very responsive, always answering my emails promptly.  She patiently and gracefully answered my gazillion questions.  And the design?  Better than I could’ve imagined.  She created a site that is happy, clean, organized, easy to read, inviting, and inspires me to write.

I cannot recommend Lauren and Restored 316 highly enough!!!

Kim- Just for Clicks Blog