Et. Al. Editing


Theme Used: Darling

Back in the fall, I was informed my job would be undergoing some changes that would affect my income. To make up the difference, I decided to try and earn a living as a freelance copy editor, which has only ever been a hobby job in the past (though, I am formally trained). I have some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress, but I knew I didn’t have the time or desire to build my site from scratch. I spent weeks searching the Internet for a good base theme that would give me the elements and flexibility to achieve my vision. Eventually, I found Resored316, and the Darling theme was exactly what I needed. Even though the demo site is set up for blogging and e-commerce, neither of which are components of my site or business, I could see from the get-go that the “bones” of the theme were exactly what I needed to build what I envisioned.

The support was also fantastic; anytime I couldn’t figure out something on my own (through Internet searching or from the support articles and tutorials that Lauren and her team provide), the Restored316 team was ready with specific answers to my support tickets–or they were able to point me in the right direction to find the tools I needed to solve my dilemmas. I am beyond pleased with the final result, and all of the feedback from beta testers is that the site is gorgeous and definitely represents me and my services in the best light possible.

I couldn’t have done it without you ladies and this theme. That was the best $50 I spent all year! Thank you so much!!