Bread Booze Bacon

Captivating was a dream to install and set up. I’ve had other Restored316 themes in the past and this one is by far my favorite. There are so many options and spaces available throughout the theme, so I can get just the look I want and give readers access to the right topics. The carousel slider is awesome! I’m blown away that it works with my sites tags, not just categories. The Restored316 theme setup walk-throughs made getting the format I wanted super easy. I’ve been doing my own blog designs for years so I’m comfortable just diving in. But when I had questions about my new theme Lauren already had the answer waiting for me so I could keep plugging away. I love how easy Captivating was to customize to my aesthetic and colors. I used the areas that worked best for me and now my site is rockin’! I can’t recommend this theme enough!!

Theme Used: Captivating