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Overcomer Series with Natasha Dickey

What do you do?

I am a stay at home mom, part-time freelance writer, and blogger. My blog Maintaining Miracles is new. It focuses on inspiring and empowering women in recovery to develop their full potential and live a life that they have always dreamed of.

Growing up, did you always dream that you would be doing what you’re doing now?

No, not at all. I’ve always wanted to help people. When I was younger, my career plans were to be a registered nurse. I wanted to work with elder patients who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. Although, my addiction through me for a loop and I thought my life was over. Due to all the mistakes I made, I can no longer be a nurse. Yet, I know I wanted to help people. So, while pregnant with my youngest, I started to research blogging. I wanted to share my hope, strength, and success with the world. I found out that blogging is the perfect way to do that.

What made you decide to “go for it” in terms of your career goals/ambitions?

Due to my past, I had a hard time trusting people especially when it came to my children. Simply, I couldn’t find a daycare or sitter that worked with my schedule. I know I had to be a stay at home mom but, still had to work. After, all the research I did on blogging and combining with my dream of helping women in addiction recovery. It seemed like the perfect fit. Those close to me supported me fully so, it was obvious to me that it was time to take that leap.

Did you face adversity? How did you overcome that?

Wow, yes. I am an advocate for medicine-assisted treatment which has a terrible stigma surrounding it. There is also a stigma surrounding addiction in general. I’ve had people argue with me, tell me I’m wrong, tell me I am condoning drug use, and so on. It was horrible. I have spent nights crying. Thank goodness for my family. They encouraged me to keep fighting for what I know is right. I did and I still do. The more I can inform people who don’ know, the better chance our nation has at beating this stigma. If I can get through to just one person, I am successful.

A lot of women have these big goals & big ideas that they’d like to bring to life, what advice would you give them in terms of how they can make that happen?

Just go for it. When it gets tough, don’t quit. People love instant gratification and easy success. That simply isn’t possible. Those who achieve their dreams, work hard for it. You must do the same. Never give up. Never back down and never quit. If you really believe in something, you can make it happen.

What’s the biggest regret you have when it comes to your blog/shop/business?

That I waited so long to start it. I should have just jumped in head first and maybe I would be further along than I am.

One thing that held me back for a long time was comparing myself to others which I have learned is a big no, no. Everyone is different and has their own unique voice. Share yours with the world. It should be different than everyone else. Your blog should look different. You want it to represent you and not mimic another person’s blog.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment is when treatment centers and nurses contact me asking for my permission for them to use my work as a guide for the women they have in their recovery program. I absolutely love it. I know that it is helping someone.

And, just because we like our coffee around here, how do you take yours?
Strong coffee, sugar, and creamer. Absolutely love my coffee!

I believe in the story of the overcomer. That has been my story and I believe that is your story too. We want your journey here on the blog to help encourage others just like you and me. If you’d like to share that with us, please come over and share your story with us!


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