1. April,
    If you were to look up “chicken ” in the dictionary and “bondage”…you would see my name and face there. Thank you for all you shared – so real and raw. I am a complete newbie blogger who sat on this God dream paralyzed by my depression/Bi-polar, 2 illnesses and living in financial poverty. The fact that I actually started a blog (meaning…it is set up technologically) took so long…and finding Restored 316 fell in my lap when I asked God….told him actually, that He has to send me help if I was to have a website to “release the oppressed”. Your overcoming testimony resonated with me. I have spent my morning devotional time just reading all the overcome testimonies because I need that confidence before I can start even reading the “how to”of setting up a blog. Thank you much again. Your testimony was a like a friend reassuring me of my life verse in Jeremiah 29:11.- Kerry

    1. Kerry, I can relate. For years I sugar coated my story. I never said it was a purposeful drug overdose that caused the outcome in 2008 – until last year. I just recently began to go into detail of my struggle to overcome addiction. It wasn’t until I was challanged by our pastor one Sunday while he was visiting our church. He looked me in the eye and said are you doing all you can do to reach others? I knew I wasn’t. So the layers peeled back. God does the things He does in our lives so that we reach others to let them know HE IS ABLE. When we speak of what He has done he goes to work on what remains. Im not all that I could be , Im so far from what I was – THANK GOD. Remind yourself Kerry, God is doing a work in you right this moment. Everyday his mercies are new and his grace sufficient where you are weak he delights to fulfill you with His strength . Thank you for your comment. To know that the raw truth that most would not share has helped and inspired someone in anyway and reminded of the great things in store as you walk with Christ I’ve done my job. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been featured here as an overcomer. I did not see it until last week and honestly I saw it when I thought of quitting with the pursuit of blogging. My hosting was due and I actually let it suspend. I was google searching something and this popped up. I had no idea. God will purposely align your steps to show you that you may not see your doing anything worth while – but someone else knows you are. Be blessed in all you do and go for it with your site. I would love to check it out. Know you are loved ! April Ephesians 3:16-20

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