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Overcomer – Kori Tomelden

What do you do?

I am a blogger, looking to expand my online influence and to also become a published author. My blog focuses on encouraging, supporting, inspiring, and nurturing overwhelmed moms. I have a particular passion and heart for moms of special needs children.

Growing up, did you always dream that you would be doing what you’re doing now?

Growing up, I think I always had a heart for helping others and for owning my own business. I can remember making business plans and designing logos.

What made you decide to “go for it” in terms of your career goals/ambitions?

I didn’t want to be tied to a traditional job and I wanted to be able to be there for my children.

Did you face adversity? How did you overcome that?

I’m a former teenage mom and I have clinical depression and anxiety. So.. I suppose that’s adversity? My faith and stubbornness have kept me going.

A lot of women have these big goals & big ideas that they’d like to bring to life, what advice would you give them in terms of how they can make that happen?

Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to experiment. You never know what will happen. And also, network and stop seeing others as your competition. Big things will happen when people start to work together.

What’s the biggest regret you have when it comes to your blog/shop/business?

Trying to do something that I was not. I’ve learned that being authentic will get you so much further than trying to stay with trends.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

Starting coaching certification for an aspect of my business.

And, just because we like our coffee around here, how do you take yours?

It depends on my mood! I love hazelnut flavored coffee with a little cream and sugar though.

I believe in the story of the overcomer. That has been my story and I believe that is your story too. We want your journey here on the blog to help encourage others just like you and me. If you’d like to share that with us, please come over and share your story with us!

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