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Overcomer Erin Troue

What do you do?

At Life Unbalanced, I encourage busy moms to stop focusing on how out of balance our lives can often feel and instead focus on having meaningful times with family and friends. I share easy ideas on DIY projects that make your home an inviting space, recipes that are time savers so you can get that all important time around the dinner table and recipes for large crowds that allow you to host easy dinner parties with friends or take a dish to a potluck that will always come back empty. I also share information on creating memorable moments with family and friends such as simple, thoughtful gifts, tips for hosting parties and holidays and ideas for family fun and traditions.

Growing up, did you always dream that you would be doing what you’re doing now?

Growing up I wanted to do big things, I jumped around a lot from doctor to lawyer to veterinarian. I knew I wanted to be successful and I felt any of these professions would equate success. Later in life, I realized that I gravitated towards these career options because I thought they would get me the highest salary and at a young age I equated success with money. By the time I reached college I decided on a career in accounting. Being an accountant suited my personality and I loved the work, but I also felt a calling to do more. When I stumbled across blogs about 5 years ago (I was late to the game!) I was drawn to this community of sharing and learning from one another and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What made you decide to “go for it” in terms of your career goals/ambitions?

I sat on the fence of starting a blog for a couple of years before taking the leap. I made one excuse after the other as to why I couldn’t. Then my 13-year-old daughter asked if she could start a YouTube channel. She had no clue where to start but knew that she wanted to share her artistic abilities. After watching her study and learn and conquer this new passion, she inspired me to jump in and see if I could make my own passion of sharing information with others come to life.

Did you face adversity? How did you overcome that?

Yes. Being a wife, mother of three and working full-time, finding extra time to devote to what began as a hobby was difficult. I was forced to sacrifice some sleep, free time and lunch hours to get things off the ground. I’ve continued on this path for months. The to-do list is still quite long and I frequently feel overwhelmed but my love for sharing this content continues to keep me motivated.

A lot of women have these big goals & big ideas that they’d like to bring to life, what advice would you give them in terms of how they can make that happen?

Approach it slowly, thoughtfully, and make lots of lists! When you’re excited about something new it’s so tempting to just dive right in but that usually doesn’t get the best result. Take the time to think through your ultimate goal, the options available and what it will take to get there. Document it all and refer to it often to help keep things organized and prioritized until you reach the finish line.

What’s the biggest regret you have when it comes to your blog/shop/business?

That I didn’t start it sooner. When I look at the progress I make week by week and month by month I cringe at where I could be if I had only started years ago when I knew that it was something I wanted to do.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

That after hours and hours of research, reading, and participating in webinars I mastered the technology needed to get my site up and going. In my 20’s I considered myself tech savvy but slowly lost that edge over the years. Now I feel like I’m back and even if I never achieve the goals I have for my blog, the knowledge and self-satisfaction I gained from the experience is something that can’t be taken away.

And, just because we like our coffee around here, how do you take yours?

I hope you can handle this answer….weak. I know true coffee lovers are probably cringing and likely none of you will accept an invitation for coffee at my house now. I’m a hot tea lover at heart.

I believe in the story of the overcomer. That has been my story and I believe that is your story too. We want your journey here on the blog to help encourage others just like you and me. If you’d like to share that with us, please come over and share your story with us!


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