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Introducing Sprinkle Pro – A Feminine Genesis Ecommerce Theme


It’s been quite a while since the Sprinkle theme has gotten an update, and it’s one of our very last themes that needed an update to catch it up with the features that all our other themes have to offer! This update has been in the works for months and months and I’m so pleased to say it’s finally available! Today we introduce you to Sprinkle Pro!

I’m doing something a little crazy, and I’m offering this MAJOR update as a FREE update to all of you who have purchased the Sprinkle theme in the past! Y’all, this theme has been completely redone from the ground up, and while things look very similar to what it was before, it’s very very different and the options are incredible!

Here are some of the features that have been added to this very popular theme of ours:

Announcement Bar

Add your most important announcements directly at the top of your site!  They will even stay sticky at the top of the screen as your readers scroll down the page!

Instagram Page Template

For the first time ever, the Sprinkle Pro theme includes a custom Instagram Page Template. You can easily customize the content your Instagram followers see directly from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard!

Customize colors

Change all the colors to your hearts desire!  You are absolutely NOT limited to just the colors you see here in the demo.

Upload Your Own Logo

Easily upload your own logo to make the Sprinkle Pro theme your own and you can even make this logo full width! Yes! You read that correctly 😉

Automatic Plugin Installation

Once you install your theme, the necessary plugins will automatically install as well! All you will need to do is activate them and set them up! Want more information about how this works?  See the video found here.

Styled Convert Kit forms

Don’t want to mess with all the custom css code to customize your embedded forms from Convert Kit?  No worries!  We have this completely coded and customized to match your site perfectly without ever touching a line of code!  See this live and in action right here.

Want to learn more about this update and see the live demo in action?

If you login to your account on our site, you’ll see the link available to download a fresh new copy of the theme files! You’ll download those and begin installing the theme as if it were a new theme install and work through our Quick Start Guide to get it up and running quickly! If you have any trouble downloading the files, you can get in touch and we can help you out!

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