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Introducing Pink & Press: A Feminine WordPress Theme Marketplace

Pink & Press has since closed its doors since this post was published.  Here is a link about why that decision was made and answers to your questions if you were a customer.

I’ve been hinting at a BIG project for some time now, and while that big project has taken many turns and directions, today is the day it all launches for all the world to see!

I’ve been in this business now for over seven years and to say that I absolutely love what I do just doesn’t seem big enough! I started off designing custom websites for clients but, over the last couple of years, that has gradually shifted to offering Feminine WordPress themes so that I could spend more time with my family without always being tied to my computer. Since making that move this little business of mine has grown beyond my wildest imagination!

Also, with that growth I have gotten a ton of emails from those looking to start a website, and lots of them over the last year have been about having had a negative experience with another designer or purchasing a product that didn’t meet their expectations. With the growth in the online world, and WordPress more specifically, there has been in influx in themes that have appeared all over places like Creative Market, Etsy, and the like… but with that comes a lot of unknowns. Anyone can “develop” a Genesis child theme. The negative in that is that buyers begin unknowingly buying child themes that are poorly coded, of less than quality standards, and lacking in support. Which results in them note receiving the support they need or had hoped for to get their website up like they had planned. Oftentimes, those buyers end up having to purchase a completely different theme to make up for the mistake they made. Which results in wasted time but also wasted money; oftentimes even resulting in complete abandonment of the dream they started out having.

Introducing Pink & Press: A Feminine WordPress Theme Marketplace - an online marketplace of Genesis Feminine WordPress themes by TRUSTED developers!

So, I set out on a mission to solve this problem for buyers!

I’ve created an online marketplace of Genesis Feminine WordPress themes by TRUSTED developers! This is a place that anyone can go and purchase a beautiful feminine WordPress theme that are coded to the latest coding standards by trusted developers that have been doing this for many years. It’s also a place where you know the customer support is there when you need it! We even created the Pink & Press Promise that all our developers will adhere to, so that you can feel confident in what you’re buying!

Months ago I sat down and wrote out what my true mission is in this business.  It’s not just about creating beautiful themes for me.  It goes much deeper than that.  This is what I wrote below and this is what my ultimate mission is in this business and in this new venture:

  1. Making the Internet Beautiful one website at a time by creating and providing beautiful feminine WordPress themes that you can trust and are easy to set up and get going!
  2. Equiping women with the tools to actually have a more beautiful website and ultimately a SUCCESSFUL business.
  3. Helping women achieve their dreams by showing them that it is possible to do what they love, have a beautiful website, and help them over that hurdle where most tend to give up…without breaking the bank.

I would love for you to come by and check out the new site and see all the developers we have thus far!


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  1. Love this idea! I’m a designer who has worked with your themes a few times and am a big fan, and I was wondering if you think you’ll ever offer your themes as a package deal like they do with Studio Press—either here or at Pink & Press?

  2. Beautiful site and an amazing idea! Such a need for a marketplace for gorgeous feminine themes and so smart of you to lead the charge. Best of luck with this great idea!

  3. This very thing you’ve written about, this happened to me. I have had this dream (www.pureandwholesomeliving.com) in my heart for 7 years. I paid someone in good faith a lot of money & DID NOT get a website out of it. I was heartbroken & discouraged. That was in 2010 & since then I have been researching by reading blogs & watching youtube videos trying to teach myself how to do this on my own. During which time, I came across your amazing website that was full of beautiful Genesis Child Themes for WordPress. As I delved further, I was delighted to find out that you are also a Christian…like me!! Please note…all the while I have been praying & trusting Daddy G-d to provide the finances for me to purchase pne of your websites, but have almost felt desperate to just settle for an average freebie through WordPress. Maybe this is my chance to finally have one!! So glad I found you & no matter what…I WILL HAVE ONE OF YOUR THEMES…VERY SOON!! Either He will provide the finances or I will win one. Blessings to you & your precious family! Warmly, Kisha

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