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Introducing Captivating: A feminine wordpress theme built specifically for bloggers

You work hard creating your best ideas to share with others. We believe your theme should attract the right people, hold their interest, and inspire them to create too! Captivating is designed for the blogger who wants to showcase their work and capture reader’s interest so they want to come back for more. This theme was developed with blogger’s needs in mind, featuring SEO benefits, ads, and affiliate networks.

The Captivating theme is loaded with features that were specifically and strategically added for bloggers in all genres. Whether you’re a DIY, food, home decor, or lifestyle blogger, this theme was built just for you!

In July of 2017, our team had the pleasure of attending the Haven conference where we met with two strategic specialists to bring this theme to life. We wanted to be sure we covered absolutely everything a blogger could possibly need in a theme, and I’m thrilled with the result.

Added elements for SEO purposes

The first specialist is Sabrina from Dinner then Dessert who grew her food blog, one of the most competitive blogging genres, within the first 2 years to over 2 million page views. Yes.. you read that right. She has learned all the best SEO strategies and put those into use and built her blog to where it is today. We sat down with her and asked her to tell us all the little details that bloggers need as far as features and site design.

One of those details is having a secondary styled H2 tag directly in your posts and pages. In the example in the magnifying glass below​, the first H2 tag used in your post will be styled like the top two lines and all subsequent H2 tags will be styled like the bottom line.

AdThrive tested and approved

Secondly, we met with the AdThrive team, one of the largest ad networks, to get a full understanding of best ad placements, mobile ads, and so much more. This theme has been personally tested by the AdThrive team and has been specially adapted to make sure your ads work right out of the box!

Styled for WP Recipe Maker

Alongside our conversation with Sabrina, she emphasized the importance of having a recipe plugin with a “jump to recipe” button. If you’re a food blogger, Captivating is the perfect fit for your needs!

Category Index

Get your readers to the content they need to see by using a category index and separating posts by category. This page template also features rotating color elements to spruce up the page and also features a category box at the top so your readers can quickly and easily get to the category they are looking for.

Custom Categories

The category pages within Captivating are automatically organized into a grid format to show as much content as possible on one page without scrolling too far. No additional plugin needed to add a grid to your site! These pages will automatically show 12 posts at a time.

Customize your colors

Change colors to your heart’s desire! You are absolutely NOT limited to just the colors you see here in the demo. Captivating has 30 colors that you can customize to truly make it your own!

Automatic Plugin Installation

Once you install your theme, the necessary plugins will automatically install as well! All you will need to do is activate them and set them up!

If you’d like more information about how this works, you can watch our tutorial right here.

Custom Blog Page Template

Not only does the Captivating theme have the default blog page template where you can control your own image sizes with the Genesis Theme Settings, but we’ve specifically created a Custom Blog Page template that is just a little fancier!

Styled Convert Kit forms

With the Captivating theme, you don’t have to worry about styling your Convert Kit forms to match your site. How does this work exactly?

All you’ll do is copy the embed code of your form directly from Convert Kit, paste that code into any Page or Post, and the format of that form will automatically match your site without having to manually enter code into the editor in ConvertKit. You can also adjust the colors of the form directly through the WordPress Customizer.

Ready for Reward Style, Amazon Affiliate, and Ample Ad Space

As a blogger your income sources are some of the most important areas of your site!  Captivating has ample space built-in to place ads anywhere you need to.  It’s also styled and ready to go for RewardStyle and Amazon affiliates!

Custom Styled Headings

Typically all the headlines in a theme are all the same color, font, and are just slightly different sizes of each other. Captivating offers a unique approach to give your posts a little more personality when creating headings within them.

Ample options for your navigation menu

The Captivating theme has an incredible amount of options available to create a navigation menu the way you want it! I couldn’t show this without recording a video so see this video below to have a better understanding of how you can customize this to your needs!

Whew!  That was a ton that we just covered but now it’s time for you to go check it out for yourself!

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