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Introducing Beloved: A Feminine WordPress Theme Built Specifically for Bloggers

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you may have noticed that it’s been quite a while since we’ve launched a new theme. The biggest reason for this is all the changes that have been happening with WordPress, the Gutenberg block editor, and Genesis. I didn’t want to launch a theme and then turn right around and have to update it to accommodate Gutenberg. And I also wanted to wait until most of the fires had been put out so I could build something beautiful with all the latest and greatest options these updates have provided. Because of all these updates, I know there will be quite a few questions about the changes in this new theme compared to our others, so I’ll do my best to cover those below before we jump into everything Beloved has to offer:

Is Beloved Gutenberg optimized?

Absolutely!! After months and months of working with Gutenberg, I have really grown to appreciate and enjoy what it is able to offer for your website! While there are some areas I’m not fully adopting (more on this below), there are many others that I am! If you haven’t worked with it yet, I really encourage you to do so. You can only turn a blind eye to it for so long until it will become the way of the future.

DOES the home page of Beloved usE Gutenberg blocks?

The short answer to this is no.

The long answer is… I’ve seen and heard your frustration about Gutenberg. I know that it’s a huge, huge learning curve for most of you, and it’s also a little intimidating and perhaps frustrating to get used to. While I really want to fully embrace Gutenberg, I am not embracing it for the home page design just yet and there are several reasons why.

The typical widgets that most of you use for your home page design (Genesis eNews Extended, Genesis Featured Posts, and Genesis Featured Page) have not yet been turned into Gutenberg blocks. Because these widgets are used in all our themes at this point, it only made sense in Beloved to keep this same pattern until the process of these blocks becomes more solidified. I have word from the StudioPress team that these blocks are coming down the pipeline, and when that time comes, I will be fully embracing using the block editor in the creation of home pages. I’m excited about that possibility and I hope you are as well!

The Beloved theme is loaded with features that were specifically and strategically added for bloggers and website owners of all genres. Whether you’re a DIY, food, home decor, or lifestyle blogger, or a coach or service provider, this theme was built just for you!

Two Home Page Design Options

All of our themes are capable of doing so much that it’s hard to display it all in a demo site! For the first time ever, we have two different versions of the home page design: one geared for bloggers and the other for a traditional website. With either of these options, you can easily swap out the widgets for your own content!

You can view the website version here and the blog version here.

Blogsite Home Page:
Website Home Page:

Gutenberg Optimized

This theme is optimized with support for special features of the Gutenberg block editor. This includes wide and full-width content blocks, block styling, custom colors, custom font sizes, and back end editor styling that matches the front end of your site. Keep in mind that if you want to use the new full width image sections then you need to assign your page to full width and not have a sidebar on it.

Sales Page Template

Another first time feature, Beloved offers a completely designed Sales Page using the new Gutenberg block editor. Simply swap out images and text for your own and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Category Index

Get your readers to the content they need to see by using a category index and separating posts by category. The Category Index is now created with the Gutenberg block editor, so you can add as many Category Indexes as you want and customize all the settings! You can see this in action here.

Custom Categories

The category pages within Beloved are automatically organized into a grid format to show as much content as possible on one page without scrolling too far.  No additional plugin needed to add a grid to your site!

Custom Blog Page Template

Want to customize the blog page a little to highlight featured posts? Beloved has a custom blog page template with a space to add your most important content.

Instagram Page

By popular request, the Beloved theme includes a custom Instagram Page Template so you can easily customize the content your Instagram followers see directly from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard!

Customize your Colors

Change all the colors to your hearts desire!  You are absolutely NOT limited to just the colors you see here in the demo.

Stock Photo Bundle Available

Would you like to use the stock images displayed on the demo site? For the first time ever we’ve teamed up with Ingrid at Atelier 21 to offer this bundle exclusively through Restored 316. You can purchase this bundle right here.

Automatic Plugin Installation

Once you install your theme, the necessary plugins will automatically install as well! All you will need to do is activate them and set them up!

If  you’d like more information about how this works, you can watch our tutorial right here.

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