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Introducing Anchored: A Feminine WordPress Theme Built Specifically for Bloggers

Life is so busy it can be hard to catch your breath—let alone run a sustaining business with stability and purpose. Anchored will help you go from frazzled to calm in the time it takes your customers to drop you a line from your fabulous new website. Invest in yourself and the future of your company by getting Anchored. Set your sails — and your brand apart from the rest. You won’t be staying in the harbor for too long as you watch your business grow with our newest WordPress theme.

The Anchored theme is loaded with features that were specifically and strategically added for bloggers in all genres. Whether you’re a DIY, food, home decor, or lifestyle blogger, this theme was built just for you!

I am so excited to finally share this new theme with you today! This theme has been in the making for quite some time making sure that everything in it is absolutely perfect, so it has been a huge labor of love. I learned a lot last year about what bloggers need in their websites, and I dumped a lot of that in our last theme, Captivating, but it was time to dump all of that along with some new things into an entirely new theme! I never want to simply design something to design it, but to add value to your blog/business and very strategically fit your needs! Anchored certainly doesn’t fall short. Here are some of the features that I’m most excited about:

Adthrive tested and approved

This theme has been personally tested by the Adthrive team and has been specially adapted to make sure your ads work right out of the box!

Styled for WP Recipe Maker

I’ve added styling and the ability to have the Jump to Recipe button for the WP Recipe maker plugin. If you’re a food blogger, Anchored is the perfect fit for your needs! You can see this in action here.

Upload any size logo

Yes!!  You read that right! Say goodbye to editing the files that look like a foreign language and upload any size logo you need to fill the space with your own brand!

Category Index

Get your readers to the content they need to see by using a category index and separating posts by category. You can see this live right here.

Instagram Page Template

By popular request, the Anchored theme includes a custom Instagram Page Template so you can easily customize the content your Instagram following sees directly from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard! You can see this in action here.

Custom Blog Page Template

Not only does the Anchored theme have the default blog page template, but I’ve specifically created a Custom Blog Page template that is just a little fancier!

Customize your colors

Change all the colors to your hearts desire! You are absolutely NOT limited to just the colors you see here in the demo.

Automatic Plugin Installation

Once you install your theme, the necessary plugins will automatically install as well! All you will need to do is activate them and set them up!

Styled Convert Kit forms

Don’t want to mess with all the custom css code to customize your embedded forms from Convert Kit? No worries! We have this completely coded and customized to match your site perfectly without ever touching a line of code! See this live and in action right here.

That is a lot of things we just covered with our new theme, so now it’s time for you to go check it out!

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