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Genesis first. WordPress second.

Two weeks ago, the StudioPress team issued a critical update for the Genesis framework that is super important to update BEFORE the new WordPress 4.6.  If you don’t update Genesis before you update WordPress, your site will crash and experience the “white screen of death,” which is never any fun.

We’ve already been seeing several people who have done this out of order, so I wanted to provide a quick tutorial on how to fix this if it happens to you.

Let’s go: Genesis First. WordPress Second.

  1. Login to your hosting account and navigate to the File Manager.
  2. Click on public_html>wp-content>themes.  You’ll see the Genesis folder appear along with all your other themes that are installed.  Delete the genesis folder completely.
  3. Now go to the StudioPress site and login to your account.
  4. Click the blue “See all my themes” button.
  5. Scroll down until you see Genesis Framework and download a fresh new copy of the theme files.
  6. This should download on your computer as a .zip file.  If it doesn’t, right click on the folder and select Compress.
  7. Go back to your File Manager and upload the genesis.zip file.
  8. Once uploaded, click on the file name and select the Extract button.
  9. At this point your site should come right back up.

If you’ve done these steps, and you’re still having trouble, feel free to get in touch or leave and comment and we will do our best to help!

genesis first wordress second


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  1. I never received a notification of the critical update. How did you notify us users? I’m rarely in the admin panel of the site.

    1. This notification comes directly from the StudioPress team since they are the creators of the Genesis Framework.

  2. Hi Lauren, i did these steps but still everything is white… i do not have any content yet on my site, so i am not worried about it, i just would like to use it…

    1. Hi Eszter,

      Probably the best way for us to help in this situation is for you to submit a support ticket so we can look at this closer.

  3. Hi,
    what about websites (with Genesis/restored316 design) that have automated updates enabled in WordPress?? Will they eventually crush?

    Please advice. Thank you!
    Best wishes

  4. I followed your directions step by step. However, my header is still missing when I view my website in “Safari”. When I view my website in “Google Chrome”, it is messed up completely.

    I believe it is the white screen of death because some of my friends have tried to view my website and said that they could only see “a blank white screen”.

    I am in turmoil over this! I REALLY hope you can help me!

    Thank you!

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