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The 2016 Restored 316 Market Survey

We are in a season of incredible growth here at Restored 316, and before we kick out any new products, we want to hear from you… our customers… to determine how we can provide the best tools and resources to help you. We are more than just a “theme” company…. we are a group of ladies with real hearts, real overcoming stories, and a deep passion to help you achieve the dreams you have placed on the inside of your heart.

We’ve created this survey to help us better understand you and your needs. It will only take a few minutes of your time and your responses are so incredibly appreciated! Every single entry matters!

And as a huge thank you for completing this survey, you’ll find a little treat at the end of it waiting for you!

As an added Bonus…. every single person who submits this survey is entered to win a theme of your choice!

This survey is now closed.

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