1. Thank you for the tips! SEO definitely isn’t my strong point, so I’m going to go implement your suggestions right away!

    1. I’m so glad I could help! Let me know how it goes!


  2. aprilambroise says:

    The adwords tip is so clever! Thank you.

  3. Hi! I’m just wondering if google adwords is a free sign up? It looks like this is not a free service. I’m being asked to make an ad and enter payment information for it. Any other ways to do keyword research besides this way? Thanks.

  4. I keep using Keyword Planner because I like it even though i have other keyword research tool.I also recommend ubersuggest, moz tool and semrush, It will also give you a huge list of suggestions for your keywords.

  5. What does enable breadcrumbs mean. I have heard about this but don’t know what the benefit is, or if it is enabled automatically or if you have to manually do this.

    1. Hi Candi,
      Breadcrumbs are those links at the top of the page that look like “You are here: Home > Category > This Page”
      Enabling them is done in the Genesis settings page and it will help your content get linked to each other. Does that help?


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