When starting a new website or blog there are so many resources you need to know about to help you have a successful site as well as simply getting started with your new venture! Here are some of my favorite links that I hope will help you find your way, or at least inspire you!

WordPress Blog Hosting:

  • WPEngine- This is a dedicated WordPress hosting company and who I host my own sites with!
  • Bluehost- A really great option for hosting if you’re just starting out!  The majority of all my clients use these guys!
  • Synthesis- This host offers specific support to WordPress and Genesis and they know their stuff. This is a great option if you will have only one website.

E-commerce Website Hosting:

  • Shopify- Shopify is the best ecommerce solution out there in my opinion!  If you are offering downloadable and physical products, their system is the best!
  • Shoppe Pro- I’ve worked with Shoppe Pro since the moment I began this business and I’ve never once been disappointed! Their team is amazing and offer wonderful customer support.
  • WooCommerce- If you already have a WordPress site and just want to add the ecommerce functionality to it, WooCommerce is the way to go!  My site uses WooCommerce for theme purchases and works wonderful!  Please note, if you have a LOT of products or have complicated shipping methods, I would recommend Shopify for the ecommerce portion of your site and using WordPress for the remainder.

Printing Services

  • Moo- An amazing print company best known for their Mini and Luxe Cards. I’ve used them myself over and over again and have yet to be disappointed!
  • Vistaprint- The most popular print company there is.  Great for ordering large quantities of materials.
  • Custom Couture Label Company- This company offers hangtags and clothing labels for those companies in need of those items.

Stock Photography and Color Inspiration

  • iStock has tons of royalty free photographs and vector artwork that you can use on your site!  A great resources used by all designers!
  • ColourLovers- Be prepared to get lost in this site as it has thousands (millions?) of color schemes to choose from!  Along with allowing you to create your own!
  • Design-Seeds- One of my favorite color scheme sites!  I am best inspired by images, so this site pulls color schemes from some amazing photographs!

Newsletter Services

  • Mailchimp- A great free (for up to 2000 subscribers) newsletter service!  I use them personally for all my newsletters and they’re great!
  • Constant Contact- Another great newsletter service.  This one is a bit more robust than mailchimp and does have a monthly fee.

SEO Services

  • I’ve recommended both these ladies to lots of my ecommerce clients and they’ve both been great!!  I would only recommend these ladies for my ecommerce websites!  There are other resources for WordPress.
  • read above
  • Great SEO and other services for all my WordPress clients.

Photo Editing Services

  • Picmonkey- a great online photo editing tool for resizing images.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which mean if you sign up for their services or purchase their product, I will get a ‘commission’ for the sale. With that said, I only list items here that I’ve personally used and love and feel that you should know about!!