How to Resize your Header Logo


One of the most common Support questions we receive here at Restored 316 Designs is how to change the size of the header. Most people like to use and upload their own logos rather than the default styling included with the theme when they purchase it. We love to see what those who purchase our … [Read more...]

How to Add an Image to your Sidebar


It's not uncommon to visit a website or blog and see beautiful images in the sidebars-images of family members, images showcasing other blogs or sites, and images linking to small businesses and shops. Sometimes, when you use sites like Shareasale or  Commission Junction, affiliates links are … [Read more...]

Theme updates


There have been a few updates lately with some plugins and Genesis that required some theme updates!  I've got all the themes updated in your account of the place you purchased the theme (here on my site, Creative Market, Etsy, and BYLT).  Here is a full list of all the updates below: Tasteful … [Read more...]

How to change my favicon


Once again, this is another hot question!  All our themes come with a little butterfly for our favicon, and I realize most people don't necessarily want that butterfly as their favicon so now we'll show you how to change it! So first, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about... What is … [Read more...]

Introducing Jade Pro


We have some themes undergoing some updates and the popular Jade theme is the latest theme to undergo a major update! While it still looks similar to what is was, it has been completely re-coded from top to bottom! The slider has been updated to really show off your amazing images, allow for bigger … [Read more...]