How to Update your WordPress Site


I'm sure you've all seen it...that little notification when you login to your Wordpress dashboard telling you that there is an update available. Should I update? Will it mess my site up? What if things with my design get thrown out of whack when I update? While those are all legitimate … [Read more...]

4 weeks of Thanks & Giving: Week 4


Welcome to our 4th and final week of our Thanks & Giving giveaways! I'm so happy you're here and this week we have one of the best prizes yet!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! EMILY LEY SIMPLIFIED PLANNER Last year I purchased my very first Simplified Planner from Emily Ley.  I've been … [Read more...]

4 weeks of Thanks & Giving: Week 3


Welcome to week 3 of our Thanks & Giving giveaways we have going on this month! If you're just joining us, you can go here to read about why we are doing all this! Ready to see what's up for grabs this week? LARA CASEY MAKE IT HAPPEN PRINT Lara Casey is the incredible person behind the Make … [Read more...]

4 weeks of Thanks & Giving: Week 2


You guys completely blew me away last week with our first week of Thanks & Giving! Within hours we had over 500 entries! Humbled and thankful don't even seem like the right words for that, but thank you thank you so much! I remember when I first started this business, I ran a giveaway and it was … [Read more...]